What kind of warranty does Car Care Express offer?
For our retail consumers, paintless dent repair service includes a lifetime warranty as long as you own or lease the vehicle. Wheel, Interior, Paint Touch Up, Headlight, and Windshield repairs carry a 1-year warranty.

Are there any discounts (AAA, military, senior citizen, etc)?
Our prices are already discounted so low, that we do not offer any additional discounts at this time.

Can reconditioning services be performed in inclement weather conditions?
No. Reconditioning services cannot be performed in the rain, snow or in below freezing temperatures.

Who do I call if I have questions about the pricing or service?
For any questions regarding service, please call our customer service line at 1-844-227-5397 or email us at

What if I am not satisfied with the quality of the service or key?
Your satisfaction is our top priority! If you have any concerns regarding your purchase, please call our customer service line at 1-844-227-5397.

How do I contact customer support?
If you didn't find the answer to your question on this page, please contact the Customer Care team by calling 1-844-227-5397 or email us at

How long does it typically take to perform service?
Headlight repair about 1 hour. Windshield repair about 1 hour. Paintless Dent Repair about 1 hour depending on the repair needed. Paint Touch Up about 1 hour. Interior repair 1-3 hours depending on the repair needed. Alloy Wheel Repair 1-3 hours depending on the repair needed.

Can Car Care Express do several repairs in one repair appointment?
Yes, Car Care Express provides a one-stop service for a variety of interior and exterior repairs, often providing our repairs in conjunction with regular route service at a dealership. Due to the nature of the repairs, many can often be completed in one repair appointment.

Can Car Care Express repair cracked or chipped windshields?
Yes. Car Care Express can repair small chips and scratches in windshields. Our repair process can be applied to chips that are starbursts or bulls-eyes up to the length of a U.S. quarter on the windshield.

What types of wheel damage can Car Care Express repair?
Car Care Express offers a wide variety of cosmetic wheel repair services, including repairs for scrapes, scratches, and gouges.

Why should I repair my wheels with Car Care Express?
Repairing your wheels with Car Care Express is less expensive than buying replacement wheels and adds resale value to your vehicle. We offer free, no-obligation estimates and all repairs are done locally by skilled wheel technician who receives specialized training and uses the best technology in the industry.

Does wheel repair improve resale value?
Yes. Wheel scrapes, scratches, and gouges caused by typical wear-and-tear will impact your vehicle’s resale value. Repairing wheel damage with Car Care Express is typically cheaper than dealership repairs and can help you avoid costly fees when turning in your leased vehicle. Our wheel repair services are more affordable than purchasing replacement wheels, and our trained technicians are experts at making wheels look like new.

How long do wheel repairs take?
Car Care Express can often restore wheels same day but sometimes repairs might take up to 2 days to complete.

Does Car Care Express paint wheels?
Yes. Most all mobile cosmetic repairs involve some level of painting and all of our mobile repair technicians are fully trained to complete any painted repair.

What is paintless dent repair (PDR)?
Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) consists of repairing dents and dings on vehicles without affecting the original factory condition. Car Care Express trained and certified technicians reform body metal back to its original condition maintaining the integrity of the manufacturer's original condition.

What’s kind of damage can be repaired using PDR?
The Paintless Dent Repair process can remove a variety of dents, dings and body creases including crowns and creases. If there is not any paint damage, it is likely repairable. There are limitations on the size of dents covered by our single car pricing bundle opportunities.

How long does it take to have a dent removed using PDR?
Usual and customary paintless dent repairs can be completed the same day, however, hail repairs may take a few days.

Does Car Care Express offer hail damage repair?
Yes. Car Care Express offers hail damage repair through our certified paintless dent repair process. We offer a limited lifetime guarantee.

What types of repairs are available for seats and upholstery in vehicles?
Car Care Express can make repairs to leather, vinyl and fabric car interiors and upholstery. Our upholstery repair services include carpet dyeing, hole patching (for holes up to 1” in diameter) and repairs of rips and tears (up to 3” in length).

What type of bumper damage can Car Care Express repair?
Car Care Express can make repairs to bumper scrapes, scuffs, dents, scratches, and gouges.

Can Car Care Express repair damage from gravel, salt, and debris?
Yes, Car Care Express offers a chip and scratch repair process can quickly and effectively repair damage from gravel, salt, and debris

What personal information does Car Care Express keep on file and how is it used?
When you order service with Car Care Express, you enter your name, email address, and current location (as well as some email preferences). Car Care Express uses your email address to send your order confirmations and receipts and your phone number to schedule service. If you’d like, you can opt out of receiving marketing materials from us. If you use a credit card to pay online, your credit card is transmitted using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) software to protect your data We do not store your credit card information.

Does Car Care Express share my personal information, or sell it to other companies?
No, Car Care Express never shares your information or sells it to third parties.

If I change my mind before they come out, can I get a refund?
Yes. For cancellation and refund information please call our customer service line at 1-844-227-5397 or email us at



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